Cal Pere Llarg

Francesc Casas1800

Francesc Casas
Given names
Birth of a daughter
Maria Casas Grauet
Cubells, Noguera, CAT
Latitude: N41.851440 Longitude: E0.957080

Death of a wifeMargarida Grauet
between 1800 and 1833 (on the date of death)

Death between 1800 and 1833

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  1. Generation 1
    1. Francesc Casas. He died between 1800 and 1833.

      Children of Francesc Casas and Margarida Grauet:

      1. Maria Casas Grauet (1833)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Maria Casas Grauet, daughter of Francesc Casas and Margarida Grauet, was born in Cubells, Noguera, CAT and died after 1833.

      Children of Maria Casas Grauet and Francesc Santamaria Batalla:

      1. Pere “Pere Llarg” Santamaria Casas (18331914)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Pere “Pere Llarg” Santamaria Casas, pagès, son of Francesc Santamaria Batalla and Maria Casas Grauet, was born in 1833 in Madrona, Pinell de Solsonès, Solsonès, CAT and died on June 23, 1914 in Manresa, Bages, CAT at the age of 81. He married 2 times. The first time he married Rosa Capdevila Soler, daughter of Sebastià Capdevila and Maria Soler, before 1862. She was born calculated 1825 in Sanaüja, Segarra, CAT and died on November 9, 1862 in Pià, Navès, Solsonès, CAT. The second time he married Francesca Cardona Morera, daughter of Francesc Cardona and Margarida Morera, on December 9, 1862 in Solsona, Solsonès, CAT. She was born in L'Espà, Saldes, Berguedà, CAT and died before June 23, 1914.

      Children of Pere “Pere Llarg” Santamaria Casas and Rosa Capdevila Soler:

      1. Antònia Santamaria Capdevila (1862)

      Children of Pere “Pere Llarg” Santamaria Casas and Francesca Cardona Morera:

      1. Ramon Santamaria Cardona (18621862)
      2. Maria Santamaria Cardona (1863)
      3. Carme Santamaria Cardona (1865)
      4. Teresa Santamaria Cardona (18681871)
      5. Teresa Santamaria Cardona (18711874)
      6. Joan Santamaria Cardona (18731919)
      7. Dolors Santamaria Cardona (18761943)